Assaults at San Francisco Hotels

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Hotel owners have a duty to ensure that their property is safe for both guests and visitors. This includes having protocols in place to safeguard the safety of hotel guests and visitors as well as taking steps to prevent a patron or employee from assaulting a guest or visitor. When a hotel fails to do this, they can be held liable for harm caused to a victim of assault, and our lawyers at Cartwright Law Firm are here to hold those hotels responsible for their negligence.

Assault can be both a civil violation and a criminal offense on the same facts. If the person who assaults you is apprehended and is convicted or pleads guilty to the offense, you will have an easier case to make for personal injury.

However, even if the offender is not arrested or charged, you may still be able to make a successful case for personal injury against both the offender and the hotel in which the assault occurred.

How You May Be Compensated for Assault

If you have been assaulted at a San Francisco hotel, you might file a personal injury case against the person who assaulted you, as well as the property owner, the hotel itself, and management, if the hotel owner is different from the management company.

All these individuals and entities connected with the hotel can be held liable for the harm you suffered because of the assault. Liability for these individuals or entities can be established in various ways. For example:

  1. Someone drinking at the hotel bar could have been served one too many drinks, causing the person to become drunk and start a fight or assault a guest or visitor within the hotel premises.
  2. The owner or operator of the hotel or both may have been deficient in hiring good security or security in place was just not enough or effective in ensuring the safety of the hotel for guests and visitors.
  3. The hotel property may have been poorly lit, creating unsafe spots where an assault could easily occur. 
  4. The assault could have been in the hands of a hotel employee or staff.

These are just a few instances where the owner or operator of the hotel could be held liable for an assault perpetrated on a hotel guest or visitor, besides the person who does the assaulting.

Compensation for Hotel Assault

A person who has been assaulted at a hotel in San Francisco can sue to recover compensation in the form of economic or non-economic damages. Economic damages are monetary compensation for expenses incurred because of the assault, such as money spent to seek and obtain medical treatment.

Non-economic compensation is a monetary award available for things such as pain and suffering or mental trauma, which can be implied from the seriousness and severity of the assault.

Call a San Francisco Hotel Assault Lawyer

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