Injuries from Scooter Accidents are at an All-time High (E-Scooters)

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Injuries from Scooter Accidents are at an All-time High

Did you know that Only 19 of 397 e-scooter patients who visited an emergency room over a 12-month period were wearing helmets at the time of their accident? Moreover, the stats show that, in 25% of the incidents, surgery was necessary. 

In addition, about 20% of the riders ended up in the emergency room for every 100,000 e-scooter trips made. Injuries from e-scooters can also affect pedestrians, as scooters are often driven on sidewalks, making an accident more likely.

It stands to reason that as more people use e-scooters, Injuries from Scooter Accidents are at an All-time High and mishaps will occur more frequently – some of which may result in serious injuries. If you suffered injuries, contact a scooter accident lawyer for help. 

Scooters Outrank Motorcycles in Overall Accidents

So, how do e-scooter hazards stack up against other forms of transport?

UCLA researchers investigated this issue in a study performed between 2014 – 2020. The research covered 1,354 individuals hurt in e-scooter crashes during that time period who needed outpatient care in the greater Los Angeles area. Participants included pedestrians who were struck by scooters or fell over them on sidewalks.

Compared to state-wide or county-specific injury rates for motor vehicle travel, the researchers observed that the injury rate for scooters was roughly 175 to 200 times higher. The incidence of injuries among users, which the authors concluded to be 115 for every million journeys, was calculated by combining this data with municipal data on e-scooter use. 

Researchers compared this information to national data that showed eight injuries for every million vehicle journeys, 15 injuries for every one million bicycle trips made, and 104 injuries for every million motorcycle rides completed.

The accessibility of on-demand shareable scooters to the general public and the fact that safety standards are still in their infancy imply that healthcare professionals will continue to see a sizable number of scooter-related injuries each year.

Scooters Outrank Motorcycles in Overall Accidents

Scooters Outrank Motorcycles in Overall Accidents

Most Injuries Involve Trauma to the Head or Face

About 54% of e-scooter riders suffered serious injuries, including trauma to the head or face. Most of the common injuries include fractures (32%), head injuries (40%) and soft-tissue injuries (28%). Spinal column injuries also result from scooter collisions.

E-scooter drivers often strike pedestrians if they’re riding too fast, have drunk alcohol, or have another person on the scooter. In many cases, such as ridesharing, accidents happened because the scooters were not maintained and a key part failed, such as the brakes.

When e-scooter riders file lawsuits, they may base their filing on a premises liability claim. For example, if they hit a broken piece of pavement or they get hurt in a poorly lit parking lot, they may file suit for negligence. 

Some e-scooter riders find it difficult to maneuver around scattered debris, some of which is produced by construction, renovations, or trash. Potholes and uneven pavement may also cause a serious injury.

What You Can Receive in Damages

Depending on the circumstances surrounding an e-scooter crash, you may recover damages for medical costs, including emergency care, hospitalization, and surgical care, as well as prescriptions and rehabilitation. If you miss work because of your injuries, you can also make a claim for lost earnings. 

Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, include both physical and psychological distress. Some patients may recover money for treatments for post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), anxiety, or depression, all of which may emerge after a scooter accident.

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