San Francisco Oyster-Related Food Poisoning Lawyers

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San Francisco Oyster-Related Food Poisoning Lawyers

Many people enjoy sitting down at a coastal restaurant on the Bay and indulging in a big platter of oysters. The last thing on their minds is likely a bacterium that might get them very sick. Instead, they trust that the oysters they are eating are safe, delicious, and nothing more. That is until they start developing symptoms and find themselves extremely ill and in need of professional medical treatment. 


If you think you got sick from eating a bad batch of oysters and you needed treatment, you might be able to hold the restaurant that served the oysters responsible for your medical costs and other losses. Discuss what happened with our San Francisco oyster-related food poisoning lawyers from The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc.

Vibrio Vulnificus Poisoning

Vibrio vulnificus poisoning is a bacterium that exists in warm ocean waters and often infects oysters, mostly in the summer months. When people eat oysters, the bacterium passes into their systems, often making them ill. Individuals with chronic liver disease or immune system weakness are more susceptible to severe illness from vibrio vulnificus poisoning.


Some symptoms of oyster-related illness in most people include:


  1. Abdominal pain
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea


However, in people with weakened immune systems or liver disease, the illness can be much worse. These individuals might experience an infection of their bloodstreams, which might result in life-threatening illness. Some signs of this severe condition include:


  1. Chills and fever
  2. Septic shock
  3. Reduced blood pressure
  4. Skin blisters and wounds


It is important to seek medical treatment if you become ill after eating raw oysters, and doctors can diagnose this type of illness. You might need a blood, wound, or stool culture and other tests.


Treatment for vibrio vulnificus poisoning involves symptom management and possible antibiotics. If the infection is in the bloodstream, hospitalization might be needed for monitoring.

Are Restaurants Responsible for Oyster Poisoning?

Restaurants that serve oysters should ensure that they are always handled properly. Cooked oysters should be cooked for long enough, and there should not be cross-contamination of cooked and raw seafood. The oysters should be eaten within a certain timeframe and stored properly.


If you got sick from oysters at a restaurant, you may or may not have a legal claim. These claims are difficult to prove, so you always want to speak with a Bay Area law firm that takes on seafood and shellfish poisoning cases. We can evaluate your losses and the circumstances leading to your illness and advise you whether you have a valid claim.

Consult with Our San Francisco Oyster-Related Food Poisoning Lawyers

If you had oyster poisoning and suffered serious illness and losses, you want The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc., on your side. Our San Francisco oyster-related food poisoning lawyers have helped clients with serious food-borne illnesses, and we are ready to evaluate your rights and options.


Call (415) 433-0444 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation and case evaluation. Our legal team is ready to assist you.


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