Cartwright - August 24, 2018 - Blog, Employment Law

If My Employer Doesn’t Pay Me, What Can I Do?

As an employee in the state of California, you are entitled to the salary you work for on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some employers do not feel the need to fairly compensate their employees, and in failing to pay the wages they owe, they are in violation of both state and federal laws. If you […]

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Cartwright - July 30, 2018 - Blog, Car Accidents

What are the most common causes of Car Accidents in California?

Each year, residents of California are involved in hundreds of thousands of car accidents. In 2014, The Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) cited over 162,000 vehicle accidents in the state that resulted in injuries. The number of fatalities listed per 100,000 people in California in 2014 was 7.9 according to the SWITRS. Understanding the […]

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Cartwright - July 23, 2018 - Blog, Elder Abuse

When and why an Elder Abuse Attorney is necessary

Elder Abuse is something nobody should have to suffer. According to a CNN investigative report on nursing home abuse, in 2017, five elderly patients in California were humiliated, abused, and physically tortured. At least one man was fearful he would lose his life, and there was evidence of what had happened to him: the five […]

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Cartwright - July 16, 2018 - Blog, Car Accidents

Why It’s Important to Seek Legal Assistance Following An Auto Accident

When it comes to auto accidents, California is sadly one of the states that sees more than their fair share. The extensive roadway system that includes many multi-lane highways makes the state residents vulnerable to collisions like in few other states. Car accidents often have devastating results, especially when the cars involved collide at high […]

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Cartwright - July 13, 2018 - Blog, Personal Injury

What Constitutes A “Personal Injury”?

California law considers any harm or injury sustained due to another party’s actions, or failure to act, as a personal injury. If you have sustained such an injury, it’s important to know your legal rights, especially if it’s a very serious injury. Did you know that every ten minutes 3 people die and almost 850 […]

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Cartwright - July 10, 2018 - Blog, Personal Injury

How Can I Ensure That I Receive Maximum Compensation for My Injury?

If you’re seriously injured and proceed with a personal injury lawsuit, there are certain things in your control and things that are not. Plaintiffs can take action to maximize the potential compensation they could receive from a personal injury case. The attorneys here at The  Cartwright Law Firm are ready to help you with your […]

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Cartwright - July 3, 2018 - Blog, Wrongful Death

How a Wrongful Death Case Works in California

If you have experienced the death of a loved in California as a result of an accident or the fault of another party, it’s important to familiarize yourself with our state’s wrongful death laws. For example, there are a number of factors that determine who can file this type of lawsuit and what can be […]

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Cartwright - June 27, 2017 - Blog, Car Accidents

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney On May 1st, 2017 multiple news agency reported on horrific auto accidents. According to KRON 4 News the Bay Area was plagued by deadly car crashes over a short period of time. San Francisco, CA is known for its crowded streets and freeways. An article written by sfist lists the Bay Area […]

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Cartwright - December 14, 2016 - Blog, Car Accidents

San Francisco cyclist suffers hit-and-run injuries

Part of the innate danger of driving is the enormous danger that all cars pose to everyone who is vulnerable to the possibility of being struck by several tons of force. Unfortunately, the danger presented by cars and other vehicles has become so normalized in our day-to-day living that it takes a tragedy or near-tragedy […]

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Cartwright - December 8, 2016 - Blog, Wrongful Death

Who Is Responsible For The Deadly Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire?

As of Wednesday morning, the search for bodies from the deadly Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire had concluded, leaving a death toll of 36 decedents. The Cartwright Family would like to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of loved ones who passed away in this tragic event. As investigation into what caused this […]

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Cartwright - December 5, 2016 - Blog, Products Liability

Major product liability suit ends in hung jury

When it comes to the field of product liability lawsuits, there are few bigger fish in the pond than tobacco companies. The country’s history with tobacco is a long and complicated one, with advocates on all sides crying foul and personal freedom. A case that has been in process for more than a decade has […]

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Cartwright - November 30, 2016 - Blog, Car Accidents

Multi-car accident injures many passengers

We often have the tendency to think of driving as one of the implied rights we have as American citizens, with much of our national mythology built around the freedom of the road. How many movies have we seen featuring beautiful people escaping from it all as they speed through the Southwest with the top […]

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