Cartwright - December 23, 2015 - Blog, Bus Accidents, In the News

Safety Violations of Tour Bus Company Uncovered – Could the Bus Crash Have Been Prevented?

The Tour Bus Company, City Sightseeing, was found to have safety violations in more than 60% of their buses. This is quite daunting in the wake of the horrific bus crash that occured in November, on Friday the 13th. Could this crash have been prevented if this company properly maintained their fleet of buses? CHP […]

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Cartwright - March 6, 2014 - Blog, In the News

In The News: Acetaminophen May Increase ADHD Risk During Pregnancy

In the news: Pregnant women who take acetaminophen for pain or fever— best known by the brand Tylenol – face an elevated risk their child will develop attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new long-term study out of Denmark suggests. Children whose mothers took acetaminophen during pregnancy showed up to a 40 percent higher probability of […]

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Cartwright - February 19, 2014 - Blog, In the News

In the News: Teen Party Throwers Face Change in Law

In The News: The Cartwright Law Firm has long argued that parents whose teenage children host parties in their homes – with or without their approval – should be held liable for harms caused by actions arising from and to the people attending those parties, especially where alcohol or drugs are the primary cause of […]

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Cartwright - February 4, 2014 - Blog, In the News

The Cartwright Law Firm In the News: New Location in the North Bay

The Cartwright Law Firm is In the News! We are proud to announce the opening of our new location serving the North Bay and other Northern California counties. Located in Vacaville, we are now more accessible for clients seeking the best legal help without having to travel into San Francisco. Located at 419 Mason Street, […]

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Cartwright - January 29, 2014 - Blog, In the News

In the News: Uber, Other New Ride Services May Leave You Vulnerable

In the News: On New Year’s Eve this year, Sofia Liu, a 6 years old girl, died after she, her younger brother and their mother were struck in a crosswalk by a car in a San Francisco, according to a newly-filed lawsuit. At the time of the crash the driver, Syed Muzzafar, was logged on […]

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Cartwright - February 8, 2013 - Blog, In the News

The Cartwright Law Firm In the News!

In the News, The Cartwright Law Firm is suing the City of Alameda on behalf of Raymond Zack, who drowned Memorial Day, 2011, while the City’s firefighters and police looked on and did nothing to prevent his death. Yesterday, arguments were heard in Alameda County Superior Court over claims by attornies for the City of […]

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Cartwright - October 10, 2012 - Blog, In the News

In the News: Robert Cartwright, Jr., Interviewed by Michael Swanson

The founder of The Cartwright Law Firm was recently interviewed by Michael Swanson, founder of Advocate Capital, and the author of “How David Beats Goliath.” Part One of the interview can be seen here. Robert Cartwright, Jr., has fought for more than thirty years on behalf of injured and wronged people, who needed dedicated, professional […]

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