Common Causes Of Wrongful Death

Cartwright - January 4, 2021 - Wrongful Death
Common Causes Of Wrongful Death
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When your family experiences a sudden and unthinkable loss due to accidental death, you should never hesitate to learn about your legal rights. A San Francisco wrongful death attorney can help you receive compensation to cover your losses. 

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 167,000 wrongful unintentional injury deaths occur in America each year. These incidents can stem from a myriad of causes, but far too often, they stem from the singular cause of another person or entity’s negligence. The incident in question is often sudden, abrupt, and gives little time for the loved ones of the deceased to prepare for their loss. 

While cancer and other such terminal illnesses are undeniably terrible, they often afford the time for the victim to receive final goodbyes, which is often not the case with wrongful death incidents. We hope you’ll never have to suffer the pain of such a tragedy, but if the unthinkable becomes an all-too-thinkable reality, you must fight to receive the due compensation and justice you deserve. Here are some of the most common types of wrongful death incidents, and why you should speak to a San Francisco wrongful death lawyer right away.

Types Of Wrongful Death Incidents

A litany of careless, reckless, or thoughtless acts can lead up to a wrongful death incident, as well as a subsequent case for a wrongful death lawsuit. Here are the most common incidents to be mindful of:

  • Vehicle Accidents: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 40,000 fatal vehicle crashes occur on U.S. roads each year, and that’s just for motor vehicles alone. Speeding, malfunctions, unsafe road conditions, and drunk, distracted, or drowsy driving can all result in wrongful, avoidable death. These numbers are only accounting for motor vehicles – cyclists, boaters, and pedestrians are considerably less protected than traditional drivers. While today’s cars have more safety in mind than ever, they’re still not 100% immune to mechanical or human error.


  • Defective Products: In these instances, your litigation usually won’t be against a person, but an entity. While this can play a hand in fatal vehicle accidents, defective medications, unsafe toys or baby products, faulty machinery, and flagrant choking hazards are all things that can lead to injury or wrongful death and constitute the basis for a lawsuit.


  • Medical Malpractice: Perhaps one of the most reprehensible instances of wrongful death on this list, medical malpractice occurs when the people who are meant to care for you demonstrate flagrant carelessness. This carelessness can manifest itself in the form of medical or surgical errors, misdiagnosis, premature discharge, birth injury, defective treatments, lack of sufficient treatment, or lack of informed consent over whether or not to receive treatment. This gross neglect leads to far too many injuries or fatalities each year and should not be tolerated if you notice it.


  • Workplace Incidents: Kitchens, construction sites, factories, and any other physical hands-on working environment can pose risks for serious injury or death. From fires to faulty wiring, to falling or stuck objects, to vehicle collisions, all manner of things could lead to a wrongful death. 


If a loved one has suffered such a tragedy and you’re contemplating how to move on, now what?

Choose Our San Francisco Wrongful Death Attorneys

For the best San Francisco wrongful death lawyers you can find in the Bay Area, choose Cartwright Law Firm. We’ve made it our livelihood to get tried, true, and proven results, and we’ll fight tooth and nail to get the most favorable outcome in your claim. Contact us today to learn more through a free initial consultation. 


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