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If you have experienced a personal injury or another form of injustice in Discovery Bay or the surrounding area, you are likely wondering where you can turn for support that you can trust. The Discovery Bay Accident Law Firm, The Cartwright Law Firm, is here to let you know you are not alone. We will stand in your corner and strive to get you the compensation you deserve. When you enlist our support, we will review the facts and work toward the best possible outcome. This guide explains some of the cases we handle and why you can count on us.

You should reach out to a trusted Discovery Bay Accident Law Firm if you or someone you know has recently experienced a personal injury. You can seek compensation if the person responsible for the accident knew or should have known that a hazard was present. For example, a customer discovers that someone has spilled soap in a department store and informs the manager of the situation.

Even though the store manager knows about the soap, they fail to take action, and another customer slips and gets injured. If the injured person can prove the store manager knew about the problem and failed to act, the injured person can pursue legal action. The same concept applies when a dog owner’s refusal to keep a dangerous dog on a leash gives the dog the chance to bite and harm an innocent person.

Employment Law

When you go to work each day, you expect to be in a safe environment and receive fair treatment, which is everyone’s legal right. Sadly, not all employers are fair to the people who work for them, and not all employees know what they can do about it.

If your management team is discriminating against you or providing a hostile work environment, you could be entitled to compensation. Our Discovery Bay labor and employment attorneys are ready to point you in the right direction. We believe everyone is entitled to fair treatment while at work, and we can work together to reach that goal.

Product Liability Cases

Product manufacturers must take reasonable steps to ensure the products they release to the public are safe, but they don’t always live up to their obligation. You don’t have to sit back and let negligent companies get away with putting you and the people you love in harm’s way. Speak with our Discovery Bay product liability lawyers to discover the strength of your case. Hiring us puts you one step closer to justice and a fair outcome.

Wrongful Death

Careless or malicious actions can cause the death of innocent people, and we must all take steps to reduce the number of incidents that occur. If a close family member has suffered a wrongful death, reaching out to a Discovery Bay wrongful death lawyer can help you decide if you have a case.

Getting compensation can help you cover final expenses for your lost loved one and the other expenses you have faced following the event. In addition to protecting your financial future, seeking compensation sends a message and can make others think twice before behaving in a careless or harmful way toward others. You can work with us to find a path that makes sense for your situation.

Car Accidents

Everyone who gets behind the wheel and drives on a public road puts the lives of other people in their hands. Even though driving is a significant responsibility, not everyone takes it seriously.

In 2014, 26 percent of accidents involved cellphone use, and an average of nine people die each day because of distracted drivers. If you were involved in an accident because someone else decided not to pay attention to the road, you should not have to cover your medical bills, car repair fees and other expenses alone.

Speaking with Discovery Bay auto accident attorneys is a smart move that lets you know how you should proceed from here. Taking prompt action is the key to improving your odds of success. People forget facts and misplace evidence as time passes, but moving forward without delay gives you the best chance of reaching your desired outcome.


Nursing Home Abuse

Putting a family member in a nursing home is never an easy choice. No matter the situation that resulted in your decision, you want to know your loved one is in good hands. People trust nursing home staff to provide loved ones with the care and support they need. Nursing home staff who fail to provide proper treatment expose themselves to lawsuits, and you might have a case.

Some staff members even become physically and mentally abusive to the people they are trusted to protect, and the law has systems in place to hold those people accountable for such actions. Let our Discovery Bay nursing home abuse attorneys review the evidence and provide feedback on the situation so that you can move forward with confidence. We understand how painful it is to discover someone has been abusing your loved one. Qualified legal experience and a caring touch are what you can expect when you speak with us.

Get the Help and Support You Deserve

When you want justice for yourself or someone you love, you can’t afford to take chances. It’s important you find a legal team with a proven record of success and client satisfaction. The caring, Discovery Bay Accident Law Firm, has more than 60 years of experience, and we have earned a reputation of providing passionate, aggressive representation to those seeking justice.

Although we can’t guarantee the outcome of your case, we promise to give you our best. Our past results speak for themselves, and we are eager to serve you. Let us worry about the complex and confusing legal aspects of your case so that you can focus on what matters the most: your recovery. Give us a call or head to our contact page to get your free consultation.


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If you or someone close to you has suffered a personal injury, loss of life, or financial loss due to the negligent, reckless or wrongful conduct of another, OR if your rights were violated in a place of employment, then you have a potential case and should seek out the representation of a qualified, experienced law firm with a track record of success in the type of case you are presenting. (See “Cases We Handle” above.)
Various time limits, called "Statutes of limitation" apply in different types of cases. Failure to file your claim within these time limits is fatal to a case, meaning one is forever barred from bringing the claim, and the responsible party is released from any liability. The statute of limitation in most personal injury cases is two years. In cases where the defendant is a public entity (e.g. city, county, or state), the time limit six months. In many other cases the limit is only one year. It is therefore very important that you contact a qualified, experienced attorney immediately to represent you in filing your claim in a timely manner
Your insurance company: Be cooperative and provide them the information they request in a timely manner. They should be on your side and should assist you in your claim for medical expenses and property damage. Opposing party’s insurance company: You take a serious risk in speaking to the other party’s insurance company on your own behalf. They will document everything you say and then use it against you later. It is very important to have qualified, experienced attorney on your side to be your spokesperson in negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. They are trained and skilled at manipulating you in order to minimize the value of your claim, or defeat it all together.
Most personal injury firms, including ours, provide a free evaluation of your case and work on what is known as a contingent fee basis. This means that unless the law firm wins your case, through settlement or at trial, you pay nothing for their services or their out-of-pocket expenses. Payment to the law firm is therefore “contingent” upon the outcome of the case. Virtually all personal injury firms charge a percentage of the amount recovered ranging from 25% to 50% depending on the firm and the type of case because of firms offering discounted fees. The law firm you hire makes a huge difference. In the end, the most important number with is the total amount recovered on your behalf. Retain the best attorney you can to achieve the best results!

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