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The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. has a team of attorneys who work on elder abuse cases. Our goal is that your loved one will receive the care and conditions they are entitled to. We also want to see any wrongdoers brought to justice legally and financially. We will fight for your rights if you have an elder who has been a victim of abuse. For an attorney in North Bay or Vacaville please call us at 707-901-3020.

Your Loved Ones Deserve Care, Not Abuse

When family members reach elder status, they deserve our support to retain their dignity in these later years of life. Unfortunately, there are those who will take advantage of elders because the people are vulnerable or not able to protect themselves or their resources from those who would do them harm. No one deserves to be victimized. We can help by representing your elder in their abuse case. Our goal is that your loved one receives retribution for the wrongs done to them.

Elder Abuse Takes Many Forms

Many types of elder abuse exist. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, here are some things to notice that fall into the category of elder abuse.

  • An elder could be being exploited financially. If you notice someone’s financial situation changing suddenly, this could be a sign of abuse.
  • A nursing home may be guilty of neglect, for example, in causing bed sores because of not turning an elder frequently enough in bed. You may also notice poor hygiene or other unattended needs.
  • A vulnerable elderly person could be victimized through sexual or physical abuse. Watch for physical signs such as bruises or broken bones. Sexual assault could be indicated by bruises on private areas.
  • If an elder withdraws from normal activity, this could be an indicator of emotional abuse.

If you have an elderly relative who is suffering from one or more of these types of abuse, please contact us. Our goal is to see justice prevail. Abuse should not be tolerated. It should be punished.

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