Put Experienced North Bay Wrongful Death Attorneys On Your Side

When a loved one’s life is cut short, the emotional weight can be unbearable. When the death is due to wrongful negligence of another party, the anger and resentment may be overwhelming. While no one can bring a loved one back, we can help uncover the facts of your case and will do our best to make the parties pay for their negligence. In the event of wrongful death, you want to hire an attorney with experience in handling these important and difficult cases. For over 23 years, The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. has represented clients in wrongful death cases. Attorneys at our offices in North Bay and Vacaville can help you with your case. Put our experience on your side, and call us today: 707-901-3020.

Timing Is Important For Proving Your Case

Timing matters in investigating these cases. Key evidence is easier to attain closer to when the death occurred. As time passes, evidence may disappear. People’s recollection of events and memories fail. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better and the faster we can get to work on your case. We may want to do an accident reconstruction or speak with experts to strengthen your case. These factors improve with timely handling.

Additionally, there may be a statute of limitations that applies, meaning that time may be of the essence in filing a suit against the negligent parties for the wrongful death. We can help determine applicable statutes and other timely factors of importance to your case.

Some Cases We Represent

While change is ongoing in our society, there are some types of cases we see over and over:

· Motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles, semi trucks, buses, and other motor vehicles

  • Premises accidents, such as swimming pools
  • Food poisoning, such as in restaurants or from manufactured food
  • Sports-related, boating or other recreational activities accidents
  • Medical device and other products liability deaths

We also represent many other types of wrongful death cases. If you think you have a wrongful death case, please call The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. at 707-901-3020, or email us today.