San Francisco Remembers Car Crash Victims

Cartwright - December 14, 2020 - Car Accidents
San Francisco Remembers Car Crash Victims
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Traffic accidents result in numerous injuries and deaths in the San Francisco area each year, and safety advocates help the city participate in an annual remembrance event to educate the public and remember car crash victims. If you’re injured, contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer today. 


In 2014, San Francisco began holding an annual event to honor victims of traffic accidents in the Bay Area. Since that year, traffic crashes seriously injured more than 3,000 people and killed at least 188 people. Now, loved ones and survivors come out to remember victims and take part in the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This is a global event recognized in many countries and cities throughout the world. 

This year’s event took place on November 15, 2020, on the steps of the San Francisco City Hall. With the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions, the event had special guidelines, but a limited number of people were still able to attend and remember loved ones.

The time following a traffic crash – or any type of accident – can be a confusing one. If you are dealing with injuries, you are likely in a stressful situation, and you might not know how to protect your legal rights. Never hesitate to seek help from San Francisco personal injury lawyers who can advise you of your options as an accident and injury victim. 

How to Protect Your Rights After An Accident

Traffic accidents are far from the only type of accident that can result in serious and unexpected injuries. When another party is responsible for causing any type of accident, injured victims can seek payment from that party (or parties) for all of their losses. However, there are steps you can take following an injury that help to protect your rights. 

Get Diagnosed and Follow Your Medical Treatment

It is obvious that some people need emergency medical attention after an accident, as they have serious injuries. Emergency personnel might transport such people in ambulances so they can receive immediate care. However, even if you do not need to take a ride in an ambulance, you still should get all of your injuries diagnosed. 

Even if you feel sore or stiff, this could be a sign of an injury that will worsen with time. If you experience any feelings that are out of the ordinary, you should always get an exam to ensure all injuries are diagnosed. You should then follow all treatment recommendations of your doctors. This not only helps your health and recovery but also a future legal claim. 

Seek Legal Help

Another key to protecting your rights following an accident and injury is having the right attorney handling every step of your claim. This includes:

  • Calculating damages
  • Filing insurance claims and handling the insurance process
  • Filing a lawsuit and handling the litigation process. 

Learn How San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc., is ready to assist injured accident victims in the San Francisco area. Whether you were in a traffic crash or another type of accident, you want us there to protect your rights. Call (415) 433-0444 or contact us online for a free case evaluation today. 

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