With pressure to cut costs and meet deadlines, construction sites can be very dangerous places to work. At busy construction sites, it is not unusual to have many workers operating dangerous tools in close proximity of one another.

Common Injuries On Construction Sites

To get the job done quickly, supervisors may cut corners on worker safety, such as providing safety harnesses and stable scaffolding. Then, in an instant, a devastating construction accident can occur that changes the life of one or more workers.

Common construction accidents include the following:

  • Electrical accidents or contact with power lines
  • Faulty or mishandled power tools
  • Bulldozer or crane accidents
  • Falls from roofs or scaffolds
  • Explosions
  • Falls into elevator shafts or holes in floors

Construction injuries can range from minor cuts and sprains to severe, life-altering disabilities. And not all construction workers are covered by a workers’ compensation plan. If your injuries are severe and your medical bills are mounting, you may need the help of a San Francisco Construction Accident Lawyer, such as The Cartwright Law Firm¬†team, to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the responsible, negligent party to obtain the financial compensation for your losses.

Serious construction accidents cause the following types of injuries:

  • Spinal cord injuries or paralysis
  • Burns, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Loss of vision or hearing
  • Fractured bones
  • Amputated limbs

Lawyers Fighting For Compensation For Construction Accident Victims

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Remember, our accident attorneys have a reputation for being very tough advocates for personal injury victims. If we cannot achieve a fair settlement through negotiations, our attorneys are competent, accomplished litigators who are prepared to take your case to trial to push for the compensation you deserve.

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