DePuy Hip Devices Recall

DePuy ASR (Articular Surface Replacement) is a large-diameter, high-performance metal-on-metal hip resurfacing device. These hip replacements have been found to have a high failure rate and could cause high levels of metal ion release into patients implanted with the device. This elevated failure rate of the DePuy ASR hip replacement eventually led to its voluntary recall by DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson, in 2010.

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Patients who have had a hip replacement since 2003 and are experiencing pain are urged to contact their orthopedic surgeons or the hospital to find out if the DePuy ASR Hip was used in their hip replacement surgery. If that product was used, call an attorney immediately. The Cartwright Law Firm, a pre-eminent law firm at the forefront of defective medical device litigation, is dedicated to filing DePuy hip replacement lawsuits on behalf of patients who have had DePuy ASR hip revision surgery. We will seek monetary damages and medical monitoring for the patients. For a free consultation with a San Francisco DePuy hip recall lawyer, please call 415-433-0444 or contact us online.

The Consequences Of Defective Hip Implants

Defective hip implants have caused serious medical problems, including:

  • Pain and swelling
  • Fractures of the femur
  • Bone loss
  • Metal toxicity (metallosis)

Many patients experienced pain that resulted in difficulty sitting, standing and walking. Some patients suffered from a loosening and misalignment of the hip implant. Loss of bone has led to fractures. Thousands of people have had to undergo a revision surgery to replace the defective implant, subjecting them to additional pain, disability and risk of surgical complications.

The metal-on-metal construction of the hip implant has caused tiny pieces of metal to break off and enter the bloodstream, causing metal poisoning known as metallosis. Metal poisoning can damage organs, the skin, the blood, eyes and ears. It can also impair a person’s cognitive function.

“This DePuy product should not have been allowed to remain on the market, particularly after DePuy and the FDA were notified of the failure rates and problems associated with the device. Adequate testing of the device by DePuy would have revealed the defects with the device and a recall would have saved many of these patients from revision surgeries, complications and pain,” said partner Rob Cartwright. “We are proud to represent these clients in DePuy hip lawsuits against the manufacturer, and we intend to seek every measure of damages allowed by law for our clients and we will hold this manufacturer accountable.”

San Francisco DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Attorneys

Patients with the DePuy ASR hip revisions should contact The Cartwright Law Firm immediately to protect their legal rights.