Drowning & Water-Related Accidents

Pool owners and boat operators are required by law to adhere to certain state and local regulations in order to protect the safety of the public. When pool owners fail to properly secure access to their pool, staff qualified lifeguards, or protect pool patrons from dangerous drains or diving boards, they can be held liable for injuries or wrongful deaths that occur as a result. Likewise, owners of sailboats, yachts, or fishing boats are liable for drowning and other injuries that occur due to drunk driving, lack of life vests, or reckless navigation.

Trusted Drowning Accident Attorneys in San Francisco

At the personal injury law office of the Cartwright Law Firm, our lawyers investigate drowning and water accidents, establishing failures on the part of pool and boat operators that result in injuries. Our office also represents clients in cases involving surfing injuries, jet ski accidents, and water injuries that could have been prevented had proper warning signs been posted by the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

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Drowning Accidents And Water Injuries

The Cartwright Law Firm represents clients involved in the following kinds of pool and water-related accidents:

  • Drowning in unsupervised swimming pool
  • Drowning in inadequately secured swimming pool or hot tub
  • Diving board accident
  • Injury in unmarked shallow water
  • Injury in drunk boating accident
  • Jet ski or WaveRunner accident
  • Surfer hit by boat or jet ski
  • Near-drowning which causes brain damage

Public Parks And Pools: Accidents Aren’t Always “Just Accidents”

People injured while boating or swimming in a public park or swimming pool sometimes mistakenly believe since no one else was involved in their accident, they are solely responsible for what happened. However, if warning signs were not posted regarding bacteria-contaminated water, undertows, sharp drop offs, rip currents, or other hazards, the Parks Department may be liable. Similarly for public swimming pools: a failure to post lifeguards, perform routine pool maintenance, or provide public security can result in liability for injuries or wrongful death that occur as a result.

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It’s not uncommon for drowning and other water accidents to result in brain damage, death by drowning, serious injuries to children, and permanent medical problems. Working with economists and life care planners, our attorneys have the resources needed to recover costs associated with medical expenses, in-home nursing care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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