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Popular culture depicts motorcyclists as free spirits or daredevils who take to the open road with abandon. While this is certainly dramatic, it does not represent the reality of most motorcyclists and their bikes. Most are sensible, law-abiding citizens who happen to enjoy riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, common misperceptions about motorcyclists often lead jurors to assume that injured motorcyclists probably deserve their injuries because they were reckless.

The San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys at The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc. work hard too quickly and effectively dispel such myths and misperceptions about motorcyclists. As motorcycle owners ourselves, we have first-hand, practical experience regarding the common errors and negligent actions car and truck drivers are guilty of in regard to motorcycles.

We Investigate All Motorcycle Accidents

At The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc. our motorcycle accident lawyers in San Francisco conduct their own investigation and prepare the facts for trial. Since recovering damages depends on the strength of the case, we move quickly to gather eyewitness testimony, medical records, and forensic evidence and consult accident reconstruction experts to prove the causes of the crash.

In the courtroom, we use multimedia technology to tell your story clearly and concisely to ensure that jurors understand the personal losses and difficulties caused by your accident. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in San Francisco put a human face on the suffering caused by negligent drivers.

Our San Francisco motorcycle accident law firm represents motorcyclists injured in accidents due to the following kinds of causes:

  • Car driver failed to yield

  • Defective or failed mechanical parts

  • Gravel, sand, or water obstructing roadway

  • Accidents due to restricted visibility on the part of other motorists

  • High-siding and low-siding due to evasive maneuvers were undertaken to avoid a crash

  • Defective roadway

At The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc., our San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyers understand San Francisco and California motorcycle accident laws and work hard to fight for motorcyclists who find themselves at a disadvantage due to prejudice and misunderstanding. We also advocate equally for drivers of scooters and Vespas.

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