Were you or a loved one injured on property owned by another individual due to poor or inadequate upkeep? The experienced San Francisco Slip and Fall Lawyers of  The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc. are prepared to provide you with the legal support you need to pursue such a claim. Not only are we well-equipped to handle the administrative aspects of your case—such as filing within the statute of limitations, providing supporting evidence, and keeping track of all paperwork—but we also offer connections to top-level researchers and expert witnesses who can make the difference in your case.

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If you need a San Francisco Slip and Fall Lawyer or elsewhere in California, and if you believe your injury is a case of premises liability, we can help you recover the damages to which you are entitled.

What Is Premises Liability

Premises liability is a significant branch of personal injury. These cases involve injury while on the property of another individual or more specifically, on a property that lacks satisfactory maintenance or proper cautionary signage. Like any personal injury case, the determining factor in premises liability is negligence. If the negligence of a property owner caused you injury, a San Francisco Slip and Fall Lawyer can advocate for you.

Some of the most common types of premises liability cases include the following:

  • Slip and fall. Water or another substance is present on the floor, causing you to slip and sustain an injury.
  • Trip and fall. You trip over a construction or maintenance defect in the floor of a property and suffer injury
  • Retail store negligence. You are injured inside a retail store.
  • Negligent security. You were inadequately protected at a facility that provides security.
  • Assaults and attacks. You suffered assault and/or battery on property owned by another person.
  • Daycare negligence. Your child suffered injury when he or she was not properly looked after in a childcare facility.
  • Dog bites. You were attacked or bitten by a dog owned by another individual.

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