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When negligence and carelessness cause the death of a loved one, the sense of outrage, anger, and helplessness is almost overwhelming. At The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. located in San Francisco, California, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure the families of wrongful death victims receive the justice they deserve. We also have offices in North Bay and Vacaville. Working closely with families, we take immediate steps to collect evidence, reconstruct an accident, and consult with medical, engineering, or other experts who can establish the causative factors involved. We won’t rest until the facts are exposed and those responsible are called before the law to answer for what they’ve done. Put our over 23 years of litigation experience in wrongful death cases to work for you — contact the attorneys at The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. today.

Negligence And Accidents That Result In Fatalities

The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. represents survivors of family members killed in fatal accidents involving gross negligence, including:

Giving A Voice To Your Loved Ones

In wrongful death cases, it’s not just about negligence — it’s about the person that was taken from us. At The Cartwright Law Firm Inc., we’ve developed a highly effective, personal technique using multi-media technology that tells the story of the person who lost their lives and the impact on those left behind. Putting a name and a face to our loved ones lets jurors understand our clients’ loss and how it cannot be replaced.

What Sets Us Apart

Dedicated to improving the lives of our clients, we put a special emphasis on cases involving the wrongful death of children. Having handled a number of these cases, our personal injury attorneys have developed a highly effective method for quantifying the loss of a child. And, if we meet resistance on the part of profit-driven insurance companies, we’re prepared to explain the factors involved in a jury.

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We’re prepared to put our resources and knowledge to work for you and your loved one. Contact a San Francisco Wrongful Death Lawyer at The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. today. We represent clients throughout the Bay Area, including North Bay, Vacaville, Oakland, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Fremont, Pacifica and Daly City. Our fees are charged as a percentage of any compensation awarded to our clients and you pay nothing if we fail to win your case.

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