You have just been fired for reasons that appear unreasonable, possibly illegal, and just plain wrong. And you are undoubtedly confused, upset, and frightened about your future. What you need right now are answers, and help, preferably from someone who knows exactly what you can do to fight this wrongful termination. You need a real advocate, one with the knowledge and skills to fight on your behalf.

Were You Wrongfully Terminated By Your Employer?

Employers cannot fire an employee based on that employee’s disability, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, or because that employee acted on their rights to engage in a legal activity that the employer simply did not like, such as a medical leave or for reporting a dangerous condition.

Yet time and time again, employers will do just that, and will then invent some other reason for the firing to cover their tracks. If you were fired and believe your employer violated your rights, speak with our wrongful termination lawyer as soon as possible. Waiting to act could jeopardize your ability to seek justice due to very specific statutes of limitation rules.

The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc. represents employees who, just like you, have been wrongfully terminated. Our employment law attorneys are dedicated solely to employee representation. We do not provide representation to employers.

Filing A Complaint Against Your Employer

We understand that losing your job can be devastating emotionally and financially. If you have been wrongfully terminated, we can help you file a complaint. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. In certain cases, employees may file for emotional distress damages or administrative fines in addition to other damages. We will review the details of your termination and thoroughly discuss your options with you.

Federal and state laws prohibit employment discrimination, including wrongful termination, based on:

  • Sex and sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Race and national origin
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Religion
  • Genetic information

Employers are also not allowed to fire workers for refusing to break the law, reporting safety violations or participating in workers’ rights programs. This may include:

In addition, if you had an employment agreement or other contract that specified the conditions for termination, and your employer violated these terms, we can file a complaint on your behalf.

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