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Cartwright Law Firm serves the legal needs of residents in San Francisco, California. If you or a family member experiences a personal injury, you might have the right to monetary compensation. The pain and suffering are often compounded by financial burdens that come with an injury. This can include lost wages from work and various expenses related to the injury. The legal system requires people who are injured to go through a specific process that is often time-consuming and stressful. Hire our legal professionals to represent your interests.

Personal Injury Claims

Our San Francisco Accident Law Firm can represent people who are going through pain and financial losses that come with being wrongfully injured. Although you are entitled to file a legal claim, the process can be stressful. When a person is injured, fighting the legal system can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, it is easy to start thinking that giving up is the right thing to do, but we know that insurance companies count on it. When you have a strong legal team fighting for your rights, those who are responsible for causing the injury can be forced to do the right thing. There are many expenses that come with a personal injury, so it is important to get access to the resources you need to recover to the greatest extent possible.

Car Accident Law in San Francisco

Car accidents often cause extreme pain and suffering for both the victim and family members. When a collision happens, it is important to start documenting the incident right away. This includes police reports, witness statements, and other evidence. When you are dealing with the shock of being in a car accident, it is easy to overlook these issues. We encourage people to contact our San Francisco car accident lawyer as soon as possible after a collision happens. We can help you to obtain compensation for your injuries. The money can be used to pay for medical expenses and other costs. Our San Francisco Accident Law Firm fights hard to get you every penny that you are entitled to receive under California law.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes should be a safe place for people struggling with various ailments and medical conditions. However, there are many cases reported every year that document the hidden abuse that occurs in these facilities. The victim is often unable to report the abuse even when family members visit. This population is vulnerable even though their income is paying for the service provider’s salary. Reports estimate that the number of people harmed in nursing homes is as high as 2.1 million people every year, and many cases go unreported. Our legal team works hard to get justice to the victims of nursing home abuse. This may include neglect, physical assault, sexual assault, wrong medication doses, robbery, and humiliation. No one wants their parents or grandparents to be treated this way. We encourage you to contact our San Francisco elder law attorney if you need help filing a claim against a nursing home that has engaged in abuse of elderly patients.

Employment and Labor Violations

Workers have rights under California law, but many employers continue to take advantage of employees and independent contractors in a variety of ways. They may engage in wage theft, retaliation, intimidation and other types of illegal activities like whistleblowing, harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination. They often do this to workers who believe that they have no resources to fight back against the abuse. If you suspect that your employer has been engaging in illegal activities, contact our San Francisco Accident Law Firm right away. We can advise you on the type of documentation you will need in order to file an effective claim. It is possible to fight back when you have a strong legal advocate on your team. Our employment lawyer in San Francisco is experienced in this area of the California legal code, so we encourage clients to contact us as soon as possible.


Product Liability Lawsuits

Every year, defective products are released onto the market. Many of these products went through a process of approval before they were allowed to go onto the shelves for consumers. There are several entities that could be held responsible for injuries caused by a defective product. For example, manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of each product before it is released onto the market. Some manufacturers will cut corners to try to increase their short-term bottom lines, but this impulse can backfire. Our legal team understands how to hold manufacturers, distributors or retailers responsible for the role they played in allowing defective products to be sold to trusting consumers. Our San Francisco Accident Law Firm helps individuals who have been harmed by defective products get justice for their injuries.

Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful deaths affect surviving family members in a variety of ways. The process of making a legal claim for a wrongful death can be a burden for the surviving spouse and other family members. Our San Francisco wrongful death attorney provides resources that can be used to reduce the amount of stress involved in going through the legal system in San Francisco, California. We can help you to get compensation for a wrongful death that was caused by medical malpractice, negligence, workplace accidents and other kinds of accidents. We are sensitive to the fact that the surviving relatives will be going through difficult emotions during this period, and we do everything possible to make the process as easy as possible. We work in the background to get you the justice and compensation you need to get through this difficult period.

Cartwright Law Firm, Serving San Francisco

Cartwright Law Firm offers effective and compassionate legal services to people suffering from an injury in San Francisco. We are proud to make a compelling case for using our services based on our history and experience in handling these types of cases. Our San Francisco Accident Law Firm takes a personalized approach that accounts for the difficult emotions our clients often feel during the process. We work hard to serve your interests so that your case can be filed within any time limits imposed by California law.


Highly Skilled Advocacy For All Types Of Accidents

Personal injuries span a broad spectrum of accidents and other incidents. Our firm has experience with all types of accidents, including those involving:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents: Our accident attorneys represent individuals who have suffered serious injuries in accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and other types of motor vehicles. We also help pedestrians who have been struck by motor vehicles, and our attorneys represent people who have been in a bicycle accident.
  2. Product liability accidents: Robert E. Cartwright and his team have been nationally recognized for their superior advocacy in cases involving defective products, inadequate warning signs, and other product liability hazards caused by negligent manufacturers, suppliers and retailers alike.
  3. Construction accidents: Construction sites are frequently the location of serious accidents and catastrophic injuries, from falling objects to collapsing scaffolding.
  4. Slip-and-fall accidents: If you were involved in a slip-and-fall accident on another person’s property, and your resulting injuries were caused by another’s negligence, you have the right to bring a personal injury claim against that person. This is known as a premises liability claim.
  5. Dog bites: Serious dog bites and animal attacks can lead to scarring, disfigurement and other injuries. If you have been a victim of a dog bite, our experienced team have the expertise and ingenuity to fight to get you proper compensation.
  6. Drowning and water-related accidents: Our attorneys are experienced at handling cases involving accidental drownings, swimming pool accidents and other types of water-related accidents.
  7. Sports and recreation accidents: If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident while playing sports, our lawyers can provide you with skilled advocacy.
  8. Toxic substances: Our team of toxic tort lawyers assists those who have been injured as a result of contact with a toxic chemical, whether it is asbestos or a pesticide.
  9. Airplane accidents: Airplane Accidents don’t happen that often, but when they do, they typically involve serious Injury. If you have been injured during a plane crash, or plane accident, no matter the plane size, we can help ease the loss or pain you’re experiencing and bring justice to all those involved.
  10. Food poisoning: Getting sick after eating food not fit for consumption can make you feel extremely ill. While most of time this is accidental, when purposeful, it should lead to consequences to the full extent of the law. Get justice for the pain you are in! We can back you legally if you consumed something that caused food poisoning.

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If you or someone close to you has suffered a personal injury, loss of life, or financial loss due to the negligent, reckless or wrongful conduct of another, OR if your rights were violated in a place of employment, then you have a potential case and should seek out the representation of a qualified, experienced law firm with a track record of success in the type of case you are presenting. (See “Cases We Handle” above.)
Various time limits, called "Statutes of limitation" apply in different types of cases. Failure to file your claim within these time limits is fatal to a case, meaning one is forever barred from bringing the claim, and the responsible party is released from any liability. The statute of limitation in most personal injury cases is two years. In cases where the defendant is a public entity (e.g. city, county, or state), the time limit six months. In many other cases the limit is only one year. It is therefore very important that you contact a qualified, experienced attorney immediately to represent you in filing your claim in a timely manner.
Your insurance company: Be cooperative and provide them the information they request in a timely manner. They should be on your side and should assist you in your claim for medical expenses and property damage. Opposing party’s insurance company: You take a serious risk in speaking to the other party’s insurance company on your own behalf. They will document everything you say and then use it against you later. It is very important to have qualified, experienced attorney on your side to be your spokesperson in negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. They are trained and skilled at manipulating you in order to minimize the value of your claim, or defeat it all together.
Most personal injury firms, including ours, provide a free evaluation of your case and work on what is known as a contingent fee basis. This means that unless the law firm wins your case, through settlement or at trial, you pay nothing for their services or their out-of-pocket expenses. Payment to the law firm is therefore “contingent” upon the outcome of the case. Virtually all personal injury firms charge a percentage of the amount recovered ranging from 25% to 50% depending on the firm and the type of case because of firms offering discounted fees. The law firm you hire makes a huge difference. In the end, the most important number with is the total amount recovered on your behalf. Retain the best attorney you can to achieve the best results!

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