Experienced Burn Injuries Lawyers in San Francisco

The financial and psychological impact of a serious burn injury is substantial. At the Cartwright Law Firm we’re dedicated to recovering financial losses for individuals facing years of medical treatment, reconstructive surgery, lost wages, and diminished quality of life as a result of serious burn injuries. Consulting with medical experts, economists, and life care planners, our lawyers project costs associated with skin grafts, surgery, physical therapy, and lost earnings over time. Since most insurance companies attempt to reach a settlement based on economic losses alone, our attorneys also emphasize non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and the psychological impact of burn injuries. We demand nothing less than a fair settlement or award for what our client has suffered.

There are a number of economic, legal, and work-related issues to consider in burn injury cases. Protect your rights and interests – contact the San Francisco Burn Injury Lawyers at the Cartwright Law Firm today. We provide free consultations in order to evaluate your case and explain the legal options available to you.

Liability And Causes Of Burn Injuries

Our personal injury attorneys represent clients suffering from burn injuries sustained in accidents such as the following:

Recovering Costs For Burn Victims

Recovering medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering may depend on the kind of accident you were injured in and the policy coverage of the person or persons responsible. For instance, in auto accidents, the amount of liability coverage a driver has may determine how much you can recover under his or her policy. If your expenses exceed the policy limits of the coverage involved, you may be able to seek further damages under the underinsured motorist’s coverage in your own auto policy.

In other cases, a third party may be responsible for causing a fire which results in injuries or death. If, for example, a defective fire alarm is involved, you can seek damages against the manufacturer. While burn injuries sustained on the job may be covered under workers’ compensation, if a contractor working at the job site was responsible for causing them, you can seek damages against them as well.

We Have The Experience And Resources To Help You

At The Cartwright Law Firm, our San Francisco Burn Injury Lawyers have the investigative and forensic resources needed to investigate fires, defective products that cause burns, and OSHA violations on job sites. Our attorneys also work with medical doctors who can document the amount of treatment a second or third-degree burn involves and the amount of care a burn victim will need. Our lawyers also work with psychologists who explain the psychological impact of disfigurement and the trauma and pain associated with recovering from burn injuries.

We have the experience and knowledge needed to meet powerful corporations, insurance companies, government agencies, and manufacturers in court. To schedule a free consultation and discuss your case, contact the Cartwright Law Firm today.