Brain Injury Lawyers in San Francisco

Victims of brain injuries often find themselves faced with disability and a lifetime need for constant care. At the San Francisco, California, Cartwright Law Firm, our San Francisco Brain Injury Lawyers work closely with families to help them recover the compensation they deserve. Faced with long-term medical care needs, it’s important to recover costs associated with future medical treatment, in-home nursing care, medical equipment, and lost earnings. In order to leverage our clients’ cases in demanding fair compensation for serious brain injuries, our lawyers work closely with neurologists, physical therapists, and psychiatrists in evaluating the scope and nature of our client’s injuries.

You don’t have to accept denial and stonewalling by an insurance company — contact San Francisco brain injury lawyers at Cartwright Law Firm today. Whether you live in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, Sausalito, or Cupertino, we’re happy to drive and meet with you if you are unable to travel. We offer free consultations and evening and weekend appointments as well.

Understanding What You’re Up Against

Establishing the implications of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is essential. Insurance companies will argue that the estimated costs of an injury are questionable, offering medical testimony they believe supports their claim. At The Cartwright Law Firm, we’re prepared for these kinds of tactics.

Working with medical doctors and rehabilitation professionals, our cases are grounded in medical science and the testimony of nationally recognized experts in their fields. As personal injury attorneys, we evaluate and prepare cases in order to explain the long term implications of traumatic brain injury and head trauma to our clients. When children are injured, we consider how brain damage will impact their cognitive development and ability to take care of themselves, hold a job, and live a normal life.

Putting A Human Face On Suffering: What We Do At Trial

We make use of the latest technology and media presentation tools in order to paint a complete picture of what our clients go through on a day-to-day basis. Using “day in the life videos.” our brain injury lawyers present jurors with pictures, sounds, and film that put a face on our clients’ suffering. It’s not just about money — it’s about peoples’ lives. We make sure that message is communicated loud and clear to jurors when an insurance company resists paying a fair settlement to our clients.

And, since our fees are deducted as a percentage of any compensation awarded to our clients, The Cartwright Law Firm offers an affordable legal alternative to families facing an uphill battle after a loved one’s brain damage accident. Serving the Bay Area communities of Oakland, San Jose, Burlingame, Marin County, and Sacramento for over 60 years, oue San Francisco Brain Injury Lawyers offers free consultations should you have any questions about your case. Contact our office today for more information about our practice and what we can do for you.